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Competition Teams:



The Competition Teams at Sierra-at-Tahoe offer training programs for skiers and snowboarders looking to excel in their sport. Our Teams focus on creating all around great athletes and give them the opportunity to progress in their chosen discipline/s.

We specialize in Alpine Ski Racing, Freeride Skiing and Snowboarding. Sierra Teams provide expert coaching and proven development. The Sierra-at-Tahoe training programs start with the Rippers program. Those athletes transition into the Development Teams and from there strive for the competition teams. Our Foundation is built around the Competition Teams. We are here to help athletes achieve their goals.


Our Mission:

Discover Dreams
                        Discover Potential
                        Discover Family


1.) Develop, encourage and teach sportsmanship, ethics and life skills

2.) Always striving to provide a solid foundation where athletes can obtain a healthy attitude towards individual and team competition

3.) Inspire athletes to achieve their potential and become responsible members of their community


Special Thanks To Our Team Sponsors