With the new travel fees in place, Sierra at Tahoe is now covering the coaches lodging cost using the travel fees.  With that being said, The Foundation will pay the deficit for coaches lodging for events outside the Tahoe Basin with a maximum amount of $400  per event.  Any money left over after the coaches lodging is reimbursed will be put toward the athletes who request assistance of the travel fees with a max of $40 per day per athlete.  The Foundation supports events where the mountain has honored their own travel fee requirement from parents.  Athletes need to request the money from the treasurer  kelli@sierrateams.org and must include payable to and mailing address.  This request needs to be submitted within 10 days after the event.  This policy is applicable to current paid Foundation members only.  The Foundation typically approves 5 events annually with a maximum travel budget.  This is reviewed annually by the Foundation members.