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We are growing our membership and expanding our family to include everyone with a child registered with any Sierra Teams program.


Thank you for registering to become members of SEF. Please complete both Step 1: Register your Athlete(s) and Step 2: Donate.

When completing the donation, use the guidance table shown to determine the correct value to choose from and if you have multiple athletes and at least one is on the Competition Team, you will choose the $125 value.

Step 1. Register Your Athlete(s)

Please complete a form for each athlete you would like to register.

    Athlete Registration

    Select Team
    Select Discipline

    Step 2. Donate

    Donation Amount

    Ripers and D-Team only (1 athlete) $50
    Rippers and D-Team only (2 or more athletes) $75
    Competition Team only (1 athlete) $100
    2 or More athletes with at least one on the Competition Team $125
    $ 100.00
    Personal Info

    Donation Total: $100.00