Sierra Educational Foundation (SEF)

The Sierra at Tahoe Competition Teams are supported by the Sierra Educational Foundation. Our Foundation is a 501c(3) non profit organization which strives to support winter athletes enrolled in the Sierra at Tahoe Teams: Snowboard, Freeski, All Mountain and Alpine. The Foundation’s main purpose is to raise money to help support and grow the Sierra Teams and coordinate the needs of our teams with the Sierra at Tahoe management. We also provide education opportunities such as avalanche awareness and seatbelt education and put on special events. We provide scholarships to our athletes based on need,  character of the athlete and community involvement of the parent. The Foundation has also paid for Barton Dryland Training and coach travel stipends for long distance competitions.

The Sierra at Tahoe competition team families are asked to join the Foundation with a donation of $100 for one athlete and $25 additional for families with two or more athletes, for payment by January 31, 2023. This is a tax-deductible donation. You can pay on the Foundation’s website. On many years, a team sweatshirt or t shirt will be provided to each Foundation athlete.

All families are asked to volunteer 6 hours during the season or 8 hours for families with multiple athletes, when the needs arise.


In order to enter competitions, you must become a member of either USASA or the USSA. We have listed each organization below. Please make sure your membership is up to date, your fees have been paid and you have viewed the competition schedule for your athletes. Team Freeski and Snowboard Team

Helmet Requirements

All athletes are required to have a helmet while training and competing on the Sierra team. If you are an Alpine racer, make sure to check the new helmet requirements since those have changed since 2016. All Alpine racer helmets must have the stamp of the FIS (Federation International Ski) on them. Please ask Ryan Zaczek for more information. The Foundation also recommends that athletes use a mouth guard.

We are getting off to a different season due to COVID 19 but we can still make it a great season with lots of fun and excitement. The Foundation is here to support our athletes anyway we can.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have.

Special Thanks To Our Team Sponsors

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