The Sierra Educational Foundation believes that the benefits of providing scholarships are inherently tied with opportunities in the future-both in sports and in life. Our vision is to develop, encourage and teach sportsmanship, ethics and life skills while inspiring athletes to achieve their potential and become responsible members of their community.

    Athlete Contact Information

    The following statements are to be completed by the athlete.

    Athlete Personal Statement

    How will the SEF scholarship support your personal growth? Specifically your financial needs and future pursuits. (150 words or less)

    Athlete Personal Goals

    Please state your goals for the 2021/2022 season and describe how scholarship funds will support your goals.

    Community Service Statement

    Please list any community service your parents have been a part of in 2020-2021. Please provide a brief description of their role and type of volunteer work they were a part of. If you could be a part of any community service, what volunteer work could you contribute this season?

    Optional for Parents: Please request a specific amount of scholarship award needed. If you choose, add details as to the requested amount so the foundation can get a better understanding as to the needs of the athlete. The award amount will be determined by the number of applicants.